Magyar Keresztény Közösség, Helsinki

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Hungarian Christian Fellowship in Finland


Finnországi Magyar Keresztény Közösség (in Hungarian), Suomen unkarilainen kristillinen yhteisö ry (in Finnish)  is an interdenominational community of Hungarian Christians living in Finland.

The members of the fellowship have different denominational backgrounds and belong to different churches. The fellowship is chartered as a registered association (ry) with the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland.

The current (year 2020) Board of the Association is:

Csaba Siket-Szász - chairman

Béla Halász - secretary

Edit Siket-Szász - treasurer

Among the goals of the fellowship are keeping the Gospel of Jesus Christ in public focus in the Hungarian language among Hungarians living permanently or temporarily in Finland. The members of the fellowship organize different church activities.

Presently the Community organizes church services in the Hungarian language on a regular basis in the capital area by inviting visiting Hungarian pastors or occasionally Hungarian speaking Finnish pastors. These services start at 11:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of the month (except for July and August, when we try to arrange devotions)  presently in the Alppila Lutheran church, in Helsinki.

Occasionally, also Roman Catholic masses are organized by our Catholic members in a Roman Catholic church in Helsinki with the contribution of visiting Hungarian Catholic priests.

Every Tuesday evening we have an interdenominational Bible study group gathering in the Otaniemi chapel, starting at 6:00 pm (18:00 hours).

The activities of the fellowship can be followed through the "Eseménynaptár" link in the Hungarian language. The activities are supported by volunteers and on a free-willing donation basis.

The different gatherings of the fellowship are open for all. You are very welcome!

More information can be provided by Mr Béla Halász, tel. +358 40 5116 891 or Mr. Csaba Siket-Szász, tel. +358 40 8491759.



Suomen unkarilainen kristillinen yhteisö ry

Hungarian Christian Fellowship in Finland